Conference Posters and Presentations


Organized by date, from most recent to least:

Guest, M.A., Maxfield, M., Peckham, A. (2020). Aging in the Time Of COVID-19: Findings from a Multi-Wave Study Roundtable presentation at the 2020 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA [virtual meeting], November.

Jurkowski, E. & Guest, M.A. (2020). Roundtable: Social Determinants of Healthy Aging from a Public Health Perspective at the 2020 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA [virtual meeting], November.

Knopf, R.C., Talmage, C.,A. & Baker, A.L. (2020). Age Friendly Initiatives at Arizona State University: Building Transformative Learning Systems for All. Presentation at Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meetings. Philadelphia, PA (Virtual), November 5.

Guest, M.A., Hunter, E., Schoenberg, N. (2020). “It’s Just Me”: The Influence of Social Networks on Aging Gay and Lesbian, Identity, Health, and Quality of Life. Poster Presentation at the 2020 American Public Health Association in San Francisco, CA [virtual meeting], October.

Guest, M.A. (2020). Aging Native American, Rural, and Homeless Populations: Engagement and Advocacy During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Moderator and Organizer. Webinar hosted by the Rural Aging Interest Group & Environment Interest Group of the Gerontological Society of America & The Gerontological Society of America, July.

Guest, M.A. (2020). LGBTQ Aging: Somewhat of an Overview. Invited Guest Lecture in the University of Michigan Health Science Scholars Interdisciplinary and Intersectional LGBTQ Health Course, July.

Baker, A.L. (2020). Offering Classes Online in Times of Crisis. Webinar presentation for the Osher National Resource Center. Virtual, March 16.

Baker, A.L. (2020). Zoom Basics for Directors and Staff. Webinar presentation for the Osher National Resource Center. Virtual, March 16.

Talmage, C. A. (2019). Creating Age-Friendly Institutions for Older Adult Lifelong Learning:  Insights from the U.S. and Abroad. Presentation at Friday Faculty Lunch Sponsored by the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs. Geneva, NY, Hobart & William Smith Colleges.

Shirtley, L.J., Kruger, T.M., Guest, M.A. (2019). Terminology Used by Employers and Job-Seekers for Aging-Related Positions in the The Role of Educators and Employers in Reducing (or Perpetuating) Ageism Symposium at the Gerontological Society of America’s 71st Annual Scientific Meeting in Austin, TX, November.

Guest, M.A., Kruger, T., Terhune, K. (2019). Addressing Ageism Through Gerontological Literacy in Undergraduate Students Through Drawing at the Gerontological Society of America’s 71st Annual Scientific Meeting in Austin, TX, November.

Guest, M.A. (2019). Brain Health & Aging Well – Exploring Our Options. Invited presentation at the Northern Arizona AARP Forum by the AARP Arizona Chapter in Prescott, AZ, October

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Knopf, R.C. (2019). Building Strong Age-Friendly Universities: Five Keys to Success. First International Conference on Age-Friendly Universities in Asia, Pai Chai University, Daejeon, Korea, May 2.

Baker, A.L. (2019). Building Bridges: The Power of Intergenerational Co-LearningSouthern Regional Conference for Learning in Retirement. Wilmington, North Carolina, July 30.

Baker, A.L. (2019). Accessibility and Inclusion in Learning Management System Design: Creating an Online Learning Platform for Lifelong Learners. Poster Presentation at the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group for Design of Communication Conference. Portland, Oregon, October 4.

Talmage, C.A., Knopf, R. C., Wu, T., Winkel, D., Fu, Y., & Xu, Y. (2019). Decreasing Loneliness and Social Disconnectedness Using Communication and Ride-Hailing Services. Poster Presentation at the 2019 American Society on Aging: Aging in America Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana, April 16.

Baker, A.L. (2019). Connecting Across Generations Through Intergenerational Programming. Webinar presentation for the Osher National Resource Center. Virtual, March.

Wu, T., Knopf, R. C., Talmage, C. A., Mirchandani, P., Candan, S., O’Neill, Z., Sazonov, E., Wen, J. (2018). Smart, Connected, Engaged Senior CommunitiesSmart Cities Conference. Kansas City, Missouri, March 26-29.

Knopf, R.C. (2018). Longevity, Lifelong Learning and Health: Revelations from the Latest Research. Lifelong Learning: New Opportunities for Aging Communities Conference, Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, October 3.

Talmage, C. A., Ross, A., Pstross, M., Searle, M., Knopf, R. C., & Wilson, K. (2017). The Social and Cognitive Empowerment of Older Adult Women: An Analysis of a University-Based Lifelong Learning CommunityCommunity Development Society Conference. Big Sky, Montana, June 13.

Knopf, R.C. (2017). Building Inter-Generational Community Capacity through Community Engagement and Empowerment. Global Community Development Partnership Conference, Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan, July 31.

Knopf, R.C. (2016). Cognitive Dimensions of Older Adult Learning – Pedagogical Implications. University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, September 4. 

Pstross, M., Peterson, C. B., Knopf, R. C, & Talmage, C. A. (2015). In search of transformative moments: Blending community building pursuits into lifelong learning experiences. Community Development Society Conference. Lexington, Kentucky, July 20.

Knopf, R.C. (2014). Invigorating University Lifelong Learning Experiences through Pedagogical Transformation. Age Friendly University Conference, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland, June 6. 

Pstross, M., Sung, E., Mendoza, M., Talmage, C. A., & Knopf, R. C. (2014). Community Service Learning as a Path to Abundance: Lessons Learned from a Long-Term University-Community Partnership. Community Development Society Conference, Dubuque, Iowa, July 21.

Knopf, R.C. (2013). Fueling Age Friendly University Design Aspirations by Developing a New Paradigm for Lifelong Learning Programs.  Dublin City University Age Friendly Conference, Dublin, Ireland, September 17.

Talmage, C. A., Pstross, M., & Knopf, R. C. (2013). Lifelong Learning in the Metro-City: What’s Trending in Education in the Third Age. Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, October 27.

Okvat, H. A., Okun, M. A., Davis, M. C., Zautra, A. J., & Knopf, R. C. (2012). A pilot study of the benefits of traditional and mindful community gardening for healthy aging among older adults. 12th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine, Budapest, Hungary, August 31.


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