Online Learning | FAQ

We decided to put all of your "Frequently Asked Questions" in one spot! Is your question not on this list? Email us at or call 602.543.6440.

Question: I am trying to use Zoom but can’t get my audio to work. How can I fix this?

Great question! Click here to read these step-by-step instructions to test your audio, written by Zoom. If you have more questions, try reading our Zoom instructions for OLLI at ASU members - click here to view. 

Question: Will online classes be recorded?

Thanks for this question! Unfortunately, online classes will not be recorded, due to staffing and technology constraints. Thank you for understanding that our staff needs to divert their attention to offering you quality classes, engaging activities, and interesting programs!

Question: I want to be able to interact with others and the instructor in these online classes. Does Zoom allow for this?

Zoom certainly does allow you to interact with others and the instructor during class. You are able to use the "chat" feature to ask questions and talk with peers or the instructor - click here to read more about the "chat" feature. You can also turn on your webcam so others can see your face, and your instructor can encourage you to do activities, ask questions, or contribute to the conversation.

Question: I don’t think I can do online classes because I don’t have the right equipment. What equipment is essential?

Aha! Anyone can attend a class session using their laptop or desktop (Windows or Mac), tablet, or smartphone (iPhone or Android). All you need is your device and either cellular data or connection to an internet network, such as WiFi.

If you really want to get the most out of your experience, we suggest a camera (if you have a smartphone or tablet, the built-in front-facing camera; if you have a laptop or a desktop, a webcam), headphones, and to have your device's charger nearby (in case the battery runs low during class).

Question: To ensure a good learning experience, is there a way to mute all members in the Zoom sessions? 

Smart thinking! The instructor can "mute" members in Zoom sessions - we've been doing training with instructors so they can use Zoom to its fullest potential. As we get used to the digital classroom, we're also learning how to apply our Student Member Code of Conduct in this new space. 

As always, we are deeply committed to a quality classroom experience, and are working closely with instructors and your peers as we learn together.

Question: How can I test my system before class?

Great question! There are a couple different ways to test your system:

  1. Join Zoom’s Test Meeting. Click here, then click the blue “Join” button to enter a test meeting.

  2. Attend a Zoom live training webinar, offered daily. Click here to learn more and register for one or many.

Question: How do I join class with phone audio if my computer audio doesn’t work?

We’ve all been there before! When you join the meeting, the pop-up window will ask you to choose one of the audio conference options. Your three options, at the top of the pop-up, will be:

  • Phone Call (you call a number provided - you may need to also know the Meeting ID, which is the long number at the end of the web address), 

  • Computer Audio (automatically selected, but you can change this), or 

  • Call Me (you enter your phone number and Zoom calls you, automatically connecting you to the classroom audio).

We suggest that if your computer audio doesn't work, you use the Call Me option - it’s the easiest and fastest way to connect to the audio with your phone. 

If you’ve already joined the meeting with Computer Audio, and then realized the audio wasn’t connecting, you need to “Leave Computer Audio” by clicking the ^ next to “Start Video” in the navigation bar. Then, you can select the Call Me option.

Click here to read the article written by Zoom with visuals.

Question: How do both my spouse and I join the same Zoom class?

If you and your spouse (or you and your friend) are enrolled in the same Zoom class, we recommend that you join the class on only one device. Run Zoom on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone and sit together like friends for the class! You can rename yourself to include both people using the above instructions.

This is recommended over using two screens because audio feedback can be quite bad if the screens can “hear” what’s going on with each other.

Question: Can I change my “view” in Zoom?

Yes you can! Zoom video layouts include the following: 

  • Full Screen Mode allows you to see the entire Zoom screen (without all of the controls or other programs on your computer being visible). To exit Full Screen, use the Esc key on your keyboard. Click here to learn more.

  • Active Speaker is the default layout in Zoom. It will switch to the large video window between those that are speaking. Whoever speaks will be featured in the largest window.

    • Do you want to make it so you always see the instructor? Click here to learn how to use the Spotlight Video feature.

  • Gallery View allows you to see thumbnail displays of everyone in class, arranged in a grid. Depending on your computer, you can display up to 49 attendees in a single screen. If there are more attendees, you will use the arrow key to scroll through each page of attendees.