SciStarter is an online community dedicated to improving the citizen science experience for project managers and participants.  Over 3,000 projects and events are searchable by location, scientific topic, and age level, and by joining SciStarter, members can track their contributions and provide valuable feedback.  SciStarter also supports researchers in managing projects, including best practices for engaging participant partners.

Science is our most reliable system of gaining new knowledge and citizen science is the public involvement in inquiry and discovery of new scientific knowledge. A citizen science project can involve one person or millions of people collaborating towards a common goal. Typically, public involvement is in data collection, analysis, or reporting.

Here are four common features of citizen science practice: (a) anyone can participate, (b) participants use the same protocol so data can be combined and be high quality, (c) data can help real scientists come to real conclusions, and (d) a wide community of scientists and volunteers work together and share data to which the public, as well as scientists, have access.

SciStarter and OLLI at ASU have developed a partnership to offer citizen science opportunities for OLLI at ASU members and to track our members' contributions to science. Join us as we engage in real research that matters to the larger community, impacts research, and enhances the world of science!

SciStarter / OLLI at ASU website.

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