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Become an OLLI at ASU Member

Anyone 50+ can become a member! Our members come from all walks of life: many are retired yet others are still working, and there are no educational requirements. As a member, you will belong to an exclusive and vibrant learning community – a community of peers who have discovered the joy and thrill of lifelong learning fused with university-quality learning experiences and social enrichment. Our non-credit classes offer intellectual stimulation and a forum for friendship and socialization.

Low Membership Fees!

You become a member at the time you register for classes each semester. Membership is required to register for our classes, but you do not have to register for classes as a member of OLLI at ASU. Membership fees are paid each semester at the time of registration (not annually). This gives our members – many of whom are snowbirds – the flexibility to pay for only the semester(s) in which they will register for classes.


  • $20 - Spring Semester (January-May)
  • $10 - Summer Semester (June)
  • $20 - Fall Semester (September-December)

Membership fees are critical to our institute’s success and sustainability. They help support dynamic quality programming and remind students that they are part of an engaged learning community and a national network of lifelong learners. The Bernard Osher Foundation allows each institute to develop a fee structure that is best suited to its local community. The Osher Foundation only supports OLLI programs that have developed a sustainable financial model, which includes renewable membership fees.

Member Code of Conduct

Participants in OLLI at ASU are subject to the Student Code of Conduct, established by the Arizona Board of Regents (see The Student Code of Conduct is designed to promote and protect an environment that encourages reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, openness to constructive change, and respect for the rights of all individuals. To see OLLI at ASU's Student Member Code of Conduct, click here


Reciprocal OLLI Fees

Currently, OLLI at ASU does not share in reciprocal agreements. Each OLLI is an entirely independent entity -- financially and programmatically. From time-to-time individual OLLIs may develop limited reciprocal initiatives or exchanges, so you may wish to inquire when you register at an OLLI.