Member Activities

Our devoted members are developing fun, accessible, and impactful programs, projects, and events. Join us!

Learning Enrichment Groups (LEGs)

Learning Enrichment Groups (LEGs) are unique, self-managed groups comprised of OLLI at ASU members who volunteer to be facilitators and participants. LEGs do not have a participation fee and are open to current OLLI at ASU members.PDF icon . Click here to visit the LEG website

Continue the Conversation

"Continue the Conversation" is a member-driven campaign that any current OLLI at ASU member can participate in! 

How does it work? At the end of a class, ask your instructor for permission to make a "Continue the Conversation" announcement, and then say "Let's Continue the Conversation, and stay after class to informally talk about this topic."

The goal is to allow for the energy generated in class around a topic to transition into spontaneous and excited conversation with peers (and maybe the instructor). If, before class, you think you might want to make the announcement, it is highly suggested that you obtain permission from the instructor before class starts.