Full List of LEGs

OLLI at ASU LEG: Acting on Climate Change

Worried about the climate? Let’s stop wringing our hands and start taking action.

OLLI at ASU LEG: Anti-Racism Reading Group

Cries of racism and calls for social justice seem to be everywhere in today’s society.

OLLI at ASU LEG: Current Affairs

A group that meets regularly during the semester (twice a month?), shares some common reading materials, and is led in a discussion about someone or some place that is changing/growing/dying.

OLLI at ASU LEG: Dance and Movement Introduction

If you have an interest in all things dance, please join us as we discuss the history of dance and talk about present day genres through performances and films.

OLLI at ASU LEG: Digging into American History, Event by Event

What’s your favorite period of American history? Are you a fan of American Experience? Want to dig deeper into the events of our country’s past or the heroes and villains that shaped our story?

OLLI at ASU LEG: Exercising Our Political Will at the Local Level

Wondering how to make a difference at the local level? Me too!

OLLI at ASU LEG: Let's Do Lunch

A group that would explore the wonderful restaurants available in the Phoenix metro area, with the focus being on diverse and family-owned restaurants. People pay for their own meals.

OLLI at ASU LEG: Let’s Talk Life: Read and Listen with 10 to 14 Year Olds

Help initiate a Valley-wide network of OLLI members whose purpose is to read fiction with small groups of 10 to 14-year-olds and listen as they discover how it reflects on their own lives.

OLLI at ASU LEG: Me Too and Beyond

A group that talks about sexism and misogyny. especially as it relates to aging, to elections, to modern day American society, and what we can do to counteract it.

OLLI at ASU LEG: Need a Laugh?

Need a laugh?  Love satire?  Parody?  Exaggeration?  If this describes you, bring your favorite written example to our round table discussion.  Each meeting will provi