Dear OLLI at ASU community,

Community. What a powerful word it is. We have witnessed something in the past several months that is extraordinary, indeed unprecedented. In the face of a terrifying and sobering life disruption, you have stood united as a community of positivity, of compassion, and of learners bravely re-assembling in digital spaces. Regardless of the changing landscape, you remain a community incessantly pushing for new horizons and new ways of connecting – no matter what. The grateful “can do” attitude you have bestowed upon our staff has been an inspiration to see. And we thank you for that.

Right now things are not the same. But, as a community, we look for the hidden blessings: the ability to keep learning, to continue serving each other and our local connections, to discover new ways of laughing and being creative, and the opportunity to re-discover or re-define our sense of purpose. This is the time to re-evaluate one’s life and know our true place in the world. Let’s continue to do this, together, through our commitment to learning, loving, growing, and serving in every way possible.

So, OLLI at ASU community, in the big picture, nothing has changed. Your staff has stayed laser-focused on developing new and tried-and-true learning modalities for connecting as a digital community. We will remain innovative and committed to providing access to transformative growth experiences no matter the shape of the “classroom” we gather within.

One final note: your financial support has never been needed as it is right now. Please consider helping your community over the “disruption hump” by supporting it. You can donate online at And, please consider joining 22 of your fellow members in the OLLI at ASU Society, a leadership group dedicated to helping OLLI at ASU catapult itself into new and unimagined ways of growth.

Thank you, as always, for being part of OLLI at ASU! We cannot wait to see you in classes soon!

Richard C. Knopf, PhD, Director, 

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU

Spring 2020