Dear OLLI at ASU community,

Dear OLLI at ASU community,

Our beloved OLLI at ASU community continues to blossom and thrive! Your unbridled passion for learning, commitment to each other, and quest for excellence have all fueled the largest growth in our history together.

Now over 2,500 members strong, our community of learners grew by 21% this past year. Our class offerings also grew, by 26%, to over 400 classes across the Valley. More important than the numbers are the boundless stories about transformed lives, awakened minds, and re-invigorated senses of purpose.

All of this was possible because of you. At the beginning of the last academic year, we set a “stretch” goal of $50,000 for the OLLI at ASU annual giving campaign. We quickly discovered your enthusiastic response, so we began work to expand our programming. When all was done, you exceeded our goal! Thus, we thrived! Thank you, and congratulations!

As we move into the new academic year, we are pleased to announce even more opportunities to thread us together as “learners on the move.” Here are just a few:

Thespians, unite! OLLI at ASU’s very first community theater project will be produced and directed by ASU theater students Claire Redfield and Dontá McGilvery.

• Begin to contribute to scientific knowledge! Look for the launch of OLLI at ASU’s own “Citizen Scientist” programs as ASU anthropology student Bailey Cacciatore leads our first venture through the development of the “Citizen Archeology” research program.

• Engage in an innovative cultural immersion travel program unique to the OLLI network. Our OLLI Corps travel series launches with a trip to Belize this October. We have proudly joined hands with the Peace Corps Association, which will work with us to design many OLLI Corps trips in future years.

• ASU Barrett Honors student Molly Bishop will provide us with amazing new opportunities to discover ourselves, our voices, and our destinies as older adults this fall, weaving community through a process of dialogue, civil listening, and storytelling.

• Expanded intergenerational programs, through another $50,000 investment by the CDH Charitable Foundation. Be prepared for even more opportunities to connect with the brightest of ASU students and witness their commitment to community! Again, we are deeply grateful to the Foundation, and to the proactive work of Patrick Cantelme and Dr. Cathy Eden.

• Our first OLLI at ASU Newsletter – written by (and for) our membership – will launch this fall. Thanks to OLLI at ASU members Nancy Wolter, Kathleen Adamson, and many others for their leadership, and for launching a team of investigative reporters, storytellers, and photo-journalists. Please join us!

OLLI at ASU LEGs (Learning Enrichment Groups) – self-managed member activity and interest groups – will launch this fall. Thanks to Dr. Wendy Hultsman and Lynne Cody, our Volunteer Managers, and the many OLLI at ASU members who have volunteered to facilitate these fabulous opportunities to engage with peers in meaningful ways. We hope to see you!

• ASU Professor Emeriti Dr. Cathy Eden and Dr. Wendy Hultsman are providing leadership for OLLI at ASU’s new Senior Fellows program. The purpose is to engage prestigious retired university faculty in the heart of OLLI at ASU strategic visioning. The first efforts of the Senior Fellows will focus on developing innovative ways for members to engage with each other and the community.

I am excited to present to you another class schedule packed with classes taught by our world-class OLLI at ASU instructors and arranged and brought to you by our remarkable site coordinators. It is time to gather once again to broaden our perspectives, converse with friends, and become involved in ASU and our local communities.

Thank you, as always, for being part of OLLI at ASU! We cannot wait to see you in classes soon!

Richard C. Knopf, PhD, Director, 

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU

Fall 2019