Dear OLLI at ASU community,

 Dear OLLI at ASU community, 

It is with joy and gratitude that we unveil new opportunities for growth – as our community of learners moves into yet another decade of sharing, growing, caring, serving, and learning together. 

I begin with a hearty “thank you” for your generosity in our annual giving campaign. Your giving has brought life, vision, growth, and meaningful change to your beloved community. Because of your support, OLLI at ASU was able to offer nearly 400 classes this past calendar year – a dramatic increase from the 325 offered in the prior year. 

We also thank you for your remarkable and never-ending stories of changed lives. I want to highlight some of these expressions from your fellow members: “OLLI feeds my soul, amidst beautiful surroundings, a welcoming staff, and keen instructors,” “OLLI helps me answer: Who am I? Why am I here? What brings me joy?,” “OLLI has been a life-saver to me in a lot of ways. I want to stay connected because the OLLI community keeps me young and focused and active as we all learn, discover, and grow together,” “OLLI has helped me get out of isolation; it has helped me discover a sense of purpose,” and “without exception, every OLLI professor with whom I’ve studied has been knowledgeable, committed, and engaging. I can honestly say OLLI has been the tip top of my most positive experiences in life.” 

As we move into the new calendar year, we are pleased to announce even more opportunities to thread us together as we change, grow, and learn together. Here are just a few: 

Our OLLI at ASU community theatre thrives and expands. After the most successful premier of “Finding Home” in October 2019, please join us in the next “Performance Justice” project, directed by ASU student Ashley Dominguez. Become part of an intergenerational ensemble of researchers, artists, and activists – learn more about the program on page 38. 

• New opportunities with your OLLI Corps cultural immersion travel series. Our October trip to Belize was a thunderous success! The 25 OLLI at ASU members on the trip described many outcomes, including “renewed sense of purpose,” “seeing the world through a different light,” “re-discovering the awe of people,” “reclaiming a child-like state of absorbing everything” and “appreciating life.” Join us as we look forward to our next OLLI Corps experience, to the wondrous tapestry of life in Kenya. 

• Expanded OLLI at ASU Citizen Science program. We are now partnered with SciStarter to give our members access to over 3,000 citizen scientist opportunities across the globe. Learn more about SciStarter on page 26 and enroll in our citizen science class! 

New OLLI at ASU campus locations. We are proud to announce new partnerships with the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center and the Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve to serve as additional campus locations for our class offerings. We are searching for more! Please join your “Finding New Places” Task Force – learn more at 

• Our third OLLI at ASU mural will be crafted in downtown Phoenix, facilitated by ASU Herberger student Francisco Garcia. Think about what the world should know about us, then join us, and paint away! 

• More OLLI at ASU community music programs. Join our own ukulele club, shepherded by ASU music student Katie Demassa, and look for a new OLLI at ASU “power of community in music” program, where we will partner with ASU Herberger students to create a new ensemble. 

I am excited to present to you another class schedule packed with classes taught by our world-class OLLI at ASU instructors and arranged and brought to you by our remarkable site coordinators. It is time to gather once again to broaden our perspectives, converse with friends, and become involved in ASU and our local communities.

Thank you, as always, for being part of OLLI at ASU! We cannot wait to see you in classes soon!

Richard C. Knopf, PhD, Director, 

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU

Spring 2020