Register for Classes & Membership

Changes to Registration

If ​you ​need ​to ​change ​or ​make ​a ​correction ​to ​a ​finalized ​registration, call us at ​602.543.6440.

Refund Policy

Membership fees are nonrefundable. Class fees are nonrefundable, except in the event a class is cancelled. Please note that refunds will NOT be available in instances of double-booking (selecting classes that take place simultaneously).

» Who can register as a member of OLLI at ASU?

Anyone 50+ can become a member! You become a member at the time you register for classes each semester. Membership fees are paid each semester at the time of registration - not annually.

» Become a member:

You will receive a NEW 8-digit reference nmber each semester when you register with OLLI at ASU; previous reference numbers will not work. You will need to enter your contact information through our online registration system to receive a reference number and become a member.

» Add a class to your registration:

If you are already a current OLLI member for the current semester, all of your class selections are on file with OLLI at ASU. If ​you ​need ​to ​change ​or ​make ​a ​correction ​to ​a ​finalized ​registration, call us at ​602.543.6440. DO NOT uncheck boxes when adding classes.


If you want to add a class, you will use your email address and new 8-digit reference number (found in your original confirmation email) to sign in to your account. If you do not remember your reference number, please contact our office.