Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Arizona State University is to provide non-credit, university-quality learning experiences for adults ages 50+ through diverse classes, campus-based learning opportunities, and civic engagement initiatives. We are a community of engaged learners discovering the joy of lifelong learning at its best . . . no tests, grades, or educational requirements! 

The Bernard Osher Foundation in San Francisco was created in 1977 by California businessman Bernard Osher. The foundation collaborates with universities nationwide to offer intellectually stimulating learning opportunities for older adults. 

Members who leave their Arizona homes for the season can keep their learning going by attending other OLLI programs. You can quickly locate OLLIs around the country, as well as find information, resources, and lifelong learning connections on the National Resource Center for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes. Headquartered at Northwestern University, the Center serves as the hub for the current network of 120 lifelong learning institutes throughout the nation.

Click here to learn about how to become a member. Anyone 50+ can become a member! You become a member at the time you register for classes each semester. You will receive a member ID card through our online registration system, or on your first day of class. Membership is required to enroll in our classes.

There are so many benefits associate with becoming a member! Receive a member ID card through our online registration system, or on your first day of class. Some benefits include:

You will receive a member ID card through our online registration system (it can be printed out), or on your first day of class.

Click here for a map of our current locations, as well as an overview of each location. All of our locations are currently in the Greater Phoenix area, and we provide a traditional classroom experience. The Bernard Osher Foundation supports programs that encourage learning environments which provide a forum for friendship and socialization; therefore, we do not offer classes via streaming, satellite, or other electronic methods.

The parking guidelines and fees for each location are listed under the Locations and Parking section of our website, or find them in the printed or digital Class Schedule under each location.

Our printed Class Schedule is available in mid-August for the Fall semester, in early May for the Summer semester, and in late December for the Spring semester. An electronic version will appear on our website about one week before the printed copies are available. The registration start date and time for membership and classes will be posted on our website and announced via email and Facebook. 

Please call our office at 602.543.6440 or email olli [d o t] eventsatgmail [d o t] com to request a printed Class Schedule. Class Schedules are also available at all of our locations. You may also find Class Schedules at local libraries, community senior centers, and YMCAs.

The registration date for membership and classes varies every semester, but usually follows the release of the Class Schedule by a couple weeks. The registration start date and time for membership and classes will be posted on our website and announced via email and Facebook. 

Membership fees are nonrefundable. Class/series fees are nonrefundable, except in the event a class/series is cancelled. In this case, the applicable class fee will be refunded at the close of the semester. Please note that refunds will not be available in instances of double-booking (selecting classes that take place simultaneously). If you have any questions, please call our office at 602.543.6440.

Please call our office at 602.543.6440 or email olli [d o t] eventsatgmail [d o t] com to request a duplicate registration confirmation. Our office will be happy to supply you with printed registration confirmation receipts upon request. 

OLLI at ASU classes fill up fast, so do not wait until the last minute to register! If a class you are interested in is full, you can put your contact information on a Wait List that operates on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are registering online, the Wait Lists are visible at the time of registration. If you register over the phone, our staff will be happy to assist you. While we cannot guarantee that a spot on a Wait List ensures a seat in the desired class, sometimes seats open due to cancellations, room changes, or second sessions. If a spot opens up for you, we will contact you either by email or phone to see if you are still interested in registering in the given class (being on a Wait List does not bind you to register for the class if your plans change). Your credit card will not be charged until you agree to register into the class. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Just yourself! Our coordinators have a record of all people enrolled in each class, so no need to bring your registration confirmation page with you. Many of our students bring something to write with and something to write on, and sometimes instructors may ask that you bring (or not bring) something to class.

When at the ASU West campus, convenient on-campus options include bringing a brown-bag lunch, the campus cafeteria located in the University Center Building (UCB), Starbucks in Fletcher Library, or the Verde Dining Pavilion (buffet style/all you can eat) just a short stroll past the UCB. Lovely courtyards and fountains on campus provide a place to relax between classes and enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch with other OLLI students.

The ASU Downtown Phoenix campus offers classes at the Mercado, located just north of Heritage Square. Crave Sandwich Café is no longer open, but you can find an array of casual restaurants in the Arizona Center at 400 E. Van Buren Street. You may wish to bring a brown-bag lunch and enjoy sitting outside at a number of tables and benches around campus.

Friendship Village Tempe has a café offering breakfast, lunch, snacks, beverages and light dinners located in their Village Center.

Tempe Connections has a café adjacent to the classroom where you can enjoy barista-style coffee drinks, pastries, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Our two North Scottsdale locations are centered within close driving distance of Kierland Commons and many North Scottsdale restaurants for your dining pleasures.

NOTE: At all locations, food and drink is not permitted in the classroom (with the exception of bottled water).

We know our students often have friends and family visiting them, and we don’t want them to miss their class. We welcome adult guests, but first please contact the coordinator of the location your class is being held, or call 602.543.6440 and check to make sure there is a seat available. Sometimes there may be restrictions due to maximum room capacities that do not allow adult guests to attend with you. 

Yes. See below or click here.

Classroom Decorum
Participants in OLLI at ASU are subject to the Student Code of Conduct, established by the Arizona Board of Regents (see The Student Member Code of Conduct is designed to promote and protect an environment that encourages reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, openness to constructive change, and respect for the rights of all individuals. 

In keeping with this mission, OLLI at ASU staff seeks to balance the rights and needs of the individual with responsibility of the individual to meet the needs of an engaged learning community. In addition, it reviews allegations of student misconduct, determines whether a violation has occurred, and if applicable imposes appropriate sanctions.

Disrupting the Learning Experience
The overall goal is to create classroom environments that maximize the learning for all students. If, in the opinion of OLLI at ASU staff and administration, that an instructor, activity leader, class member, or any allied participant interferes with the goals of the learning community, or creates a safety concern, he or she will be asked to leave the class or activity, and ultimately may not be able to continue his or her affiliation with OLLI at ASU.

Examples may include threatening behaviors, disruptive classroom experiences, sexual harassment, violations of weapons, explosives, fireworks, drug, and alcohol policies, monopolizing discussions, undermining the instructor’s credibility, conversing with others, cell phone and electronic device utilization not germane to the class experience, poor hygiene, and introduction of allergens (e.g., perfumes, scents, lotions) and foods that interfere with the learning experience of others.

Quiet in the Classrooms and Halls
We encourage you to socialize, but please be quiet during class and in the halls when classes are in progress.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices
Turn cell phones and other electronic devices off or to vibrate mode when you are in class.

All OLLI at ASU classes are held in smoke-free environments.

Please visit this page to learn about different contribution and donation options. To donate online, please visit: If you have more questions about donating to OLLI at ASU, call us at 602.543.6440.

Yes. Give the gift of lifelong learning by purchasing an OLLI membership or an individual class! It's the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, celebration, or the holidays! Please call our office at 602.543.6440 or email lifelongatasu [d o t] edu to purchase a gift certificate.

Many members find that vacationing with their peers plays a vital role in their social activities. For travel opportunities organized by OLLI at ASU's partner organization, Collette, please see our Travel and Trips page. For trip information and reservations, please contact the trip host directly as posted on their website. Our office does not handle travel reservations.

Yes. If you need verification of attendance for professional development hours, OLLI at ASU staff will verify attendance at the time of each session.

Please click here to download the PDF certificate, which can be filled out online, or printed and filled out.

OLLI at ASU staff will sign next to each "attended" verification line either before or after each class session, but will not back-date verification of attendance for specific sessions or classes. It is your responsibility to ensure that you ask staff to complete only their portion of the certificate.