Classes and Instructors


Summer 2023 Class Schedule

Our fall semester currently runs until December 15.

Our Class Offerings

OLLI at ASU offers classes on an academic calendar. You become a member at the time you register for classes each semester. Membership is required to register for our classes, but you do not have to register for classes as a member of OLLI at ASU. Below outlines an approximate schedule for future semesters. 

Spring Semester (January - May)

Class schedule online in December

Registration opens beginning of January

Membership fee: $20

Summer Semester (June)

Class schedule online in early May

Registration opens middle of May

Membership fee: $10

Fall Semester (September - December)

Class Schedule online in early August

Registration opens middle of August

Membership fee: $20

The registration start date and time for membership and classes will be posted on our website and announced via email. 

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