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About Our Class Selection Process

Our classes are taught by ASU faculty and staff, Emeritus professors, educational leaders, community scholars, and experts. There are no tests, grades, or educational requirements!

In selecting a class, we assess the topic and content, the instructor's qualifications, and the suitability, variety, and balance of the proposed offering. The instructor's availability, previous class evaluations (when applicable), recommendations, and level of professional and educational achievement in the subject area are all considered.

To further uphold the integrity of our program, sessions designed to promote the financial gain of the instructor are prohibited. Instructors may not promote any product or service, solicit donations for certain causes or personal expenses, nor proselytize for a particular religion or cause.

We provide a traditional classroom experience. The Bernard Osher Foundation supports programs that encourage learning environments which provide a forum for friendship and socialization; therefore, we do not offer classes via streaming, satellite, or other electronic methods.