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Our Class Offerings

OLLI at ASU offers classes on an academic calendar. You become a member at the time you register for classes each semester. Membership is required to register for our classes, but you do not have to register for classes as a member of OLLI at ASU. Below outlines an approximate schedule for future semesters. 

  • Spring Semester (January-May)
    • Class Schedule online end of December
    • Registration for membership and classes opens beginning of January
    • Membership fee: $20
  • Summer Semester (June)
    • Class Schedule online beginning of May
    • Registration for membership and classes opens beginning of May
    • Membership fee: $10
  • Fall Semester (September-December)
    • Class Schedule online beginning of August
    • Registration for membership and classes opens middle of August
    • Membership fee: $20

The registration start date and time for membership and classes will be posted on our website and announced via email and Facebook. 

Interested in seeing classes as soon as they are posted and knowing exactly when registration for membership and classes will begin? Email lifelongatasu [d o t] edu with your name and email address and we'll add you to our list! 

Our Class Selection Process

Our classes are taught by ASU faculty and staff, Emeritus professors, educational leaders, community scholars, and experts. There are no tests, grades, or educational requirements!

In selecting a class, we assess the topic and content, the instructor's qualifications, and the suitability, variety, and balance of the proposed offering. The instructor's availability, previous class evaluations (when applicable), recommendations, and level of professional and educational achievement in the subject area are all considered.

To further uphold the integrity of our program, sessions designed to promote the financial gain of the instructor are prohibited. Instructors may not promote any product or service, solicit donations for certain causes or personal expenses, nor proselytize for a particular religion or cause.

Are you interested in teaching for OLLI at ASU? 

Persons interested in applying to be an instructor for OLLI at ASU can complete this form (click here) to submit an application. 

The OLLI at ASU Selection Committee will review the application and determine if the applicant can be accommodated; accepted applicants will be contacted by the relevant OLLI at ASU coordinator to schedule their class.

All decisions made by the OLLI at ASU Selection Committee are final, and the OLLI at ASU Selection Committee reserves the right to not entertain duplicated applications. If denied applicants have questions, they can contact lifelongatasu [d o t] edu.

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